We understand that your precious car is your pride and joy. With our extensive range of shampoo, polishing and waxing services, you can treat your car to a thorough and well earned pampering whenever you feel the urge. When it comes to protecting your car’s delicate paint work, we offer only the best products. We take pride in our service excellence, right down to the super clean workshop floor, state of the art clean room and the exceptional workmanship of our crew.

Mirka Polarshine®

Headquartered in Finland, Mirka Polarshine® is an entire range of polishing compound especially designed for achieving the best result on automobile paint surfaces. Rather than cover up scratches, Polarshine® actually polishes them out before your eyes to leave a first class gleam. Its unique formulation is designed to keep the surface temperature low when polishing and it removes micro scratch marks permanently. Polarshine® facilitates a quick and easy paint polishing on both freshly applied and aged paintwork, ensuring a longer lasting shine. No seams, no wrinkles, and no ripples.

G Guard

G Guard is Japan’s cutting edge liquid glass paint coating technology. It utilises ceramic hybrid silica glass to render a coat of additional protection for scratch and oxidation resistance. G Guard gives your car’s paintwork a stunning glasslike shine and protect it against the hot and humid tropical climate. The multiple layered coatings seal in the original paintwork, providing smooth, durable, anti-corrosion protection.


Ultimate Paint Protection Film – UPPF protects your car with state-of-the-art nanotechnology. Its polyurethane film is invisible to the eye, and yet it clings seamlessly around your car with the ability for self-healing, scratch and clip resistance strength, flexibility and removability. UPPF uses the Design Access Program (DAP) Software for customizable and precise protective film cutting and on-car coverage. The DAP’s accurate computer cutting system provides precise edge alignment and correctly positioned holes for features such as parking sensors, emblems, air inlets, headlamp washers and fog lamps. No seams, no wrinkles, and no ripples.



Your car’s interior takes in quite a large deposit of dirt daily. It is absolutely necessary to clean out your car’s interior with more than just vacuuming. We recommend hydro steaming utilising high pressure water jet and high temperature steam to sterilise hard to reach corners inside your car.

Aside from giving your car a glass-like shine, we can also make your car interior look spick and span in no time at all. Our interior cleansing formulation doesn’t contain harsh chemicals and upon completion, your car interior will feel as fresh as new.