Car manufacturers design individual models targeted at very specific demographics in all income categories. Car owners bring their aspirations, unique personalities and driving styles into the car showrooms.

Age and gender are two important determinants that preempt driving styles and car choices. Here are straightforward examples:

When you think JDM Racers, what makes and models come to your mind? Nine out of ten are Honda Civic Type R, Mitsubishi Evo X, Subaru WRX and BRZ. Their car owners are more often than not, male drivers between 21 to 29 years of age. Here in Singapore, Mini One, Cooper S and VW Golf comprise a mix of high salaried women professionals and millennial hipster metrosexual gentlemen. You will not be wrong to deduce that an Audi A8, a BMW 7 Series, a Jaguar XJ, a Mercedes-Benz S-Class or a Range Rover are mostly driven by men and women in senior managerial positions. More and more, there are younger car buyers in their early thirties who have successfully disrupted this demographics. These are young entrepreneurs who have secured large amounts of venture capital funding in their respective startups.

Let us look at Asian super economy cars. Which demographics will favour them? You are not wrong to say it is the middle income group. For these car buyers, sportiness, engine performance, ride and handling qualities are secondary considerations. They care, first and foremost, about fuel economy, overall car ownership and hassle free maintenance. The direct opposite of this demographics is your super car owners. They buy cars solely for each model’s exceptional performance capabilities, seldom keeping each car for longer than its factory warranty duration.

You’ll get a personality type of car owners who have the highest faith in their super car’s unflappable handling, they insist on braking as late as they possibly can in all high speed corners. For them, the highest cornering speed is why they have purchased their super cars. Their brake parts, tyre threads and transmission components all reveal accurate depiction of their driving personalities and skill levels.

Based on the same logic, car owners in the super economy cars also exert different levels of wear and tear on their cars based on their personalities and driving styles. Some drivers habitually spray windshield wiping fluid onto their dry windshield to clear up visibility. This habit leaves permanent scratches on the windshield. Some car owners like to step on their brakes even on a straight lane highway when the traffic flow is smooth.

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